KTIA Journal of Travel & Tourism

Each month, KTIA produces a journal to provide insights and key information to Kentucky's Travel Industry on a multiple of subjects ranging from travel trends to social media happenings. In addition to engaging monthly content, the Journal also features an interview from a leading member of the travel industry, with a mix of individuals in various roles in and outside of Kentucky geared to provide unique perspectives and insights relevant to the travel industry.

2020 Journals

January 2020 (Eric Summe, President & CEO, meetNKY)

February 2020 (Monica Smith, President & CEO, Southeast Tourism Society)

March 2020 (Marcheta Sparrow, former Secretary of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet)

April 2020 (Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear)

May 2020 (Roger Dow, President & CEO, U.S. Travel Association

June 2020 (Dr. Steven Stack, MD, MBA, Commissioner, Kentucky Department for Public Health)

July 2020 (Melvin Tennant, CAE, President & CEO, Meet Minneapolis, Convention and Visitors Association)

August 2020 (Don Howard, President, H&W Management, Inc.)

September 2020 (Adam Sacks, Founder & President, Tourism Economics)

October 2020 (Mike Berry, Secretary, Kentucky Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet)

December 2020 (Representative Suzanne Miles, Kentucky House Majority Caucus Chair)

2019 Journals

January 2019 (Senator Robert Stivers, President of the Kentucky Senate)

February 2019 (Dan Sullivan Jr, Chairman & CEO, Collette Tours)

March 2019 (Dan Mann, A.A.E, Executive Director, Louisville Regional Airport Authority)

April 2019 (Tori Barnes, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy, U.S. Travel)

May 2019 (Judge Jerry Summers, County Judge Executive of Bullitt County)

June 2019 (Lou Hammond, Chairman & Founder, Lou Hammond Group)

July 2019 (Donnie Holland, Commissioner, Kentucky State Parks)

August 2019 (Chip Rogers, President & CEO, American Hotel & Lodging Association)

September 2019 (Jay Hall, Acting Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Tourism)

October 2019 (Mary Hammond, Executive Director, Paducah CVB)

November 2019 (Victor Patel, Immediate Past Chair, KTIA Board of Directors, Best Western - Corbin Inn)

December 2019 (Monya Mandich, Global VP, Expedia Media Solutions)

2018 Journals

January 2018 (Brian Frey, President, Commonwealth Hotels)

February 2018 (Liz Bittner, President & CEO, Travel South)

March 2018 (Jay Salyers, Vice President of Special Projects, Miles Partnership)

April 2018 (Ken Ham, President, CEO & Founder, Answers in Genesis-US)

May 2018 (Kristen Branscum, Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Tourism)

June 2018 (Bill Hardman, President & CEO, Southeast Tourism Society)

July 2018 (Sara Osborne, MML&K Government Solutions)

August 2018 (Andrew Bird, Director, Purely Travel Group)

September 2018 (Mary Jane Speer, Digital Content Manager & Photographer)

October 2018 (Derek Klaus, Communication Director, Visit Kansas City)

November 2018 (Randy Newcomb, Executive Director, Kentucky Lake CVB)

December 2018 (Dr. Bill Siegel, Founder & CEO, Longwoods International)

2017 Journals

January 2017 (Mike Berry, President & CEO, Kentucky Derby Festival)

February 2017 (Daniel Houghton, CEO, Lonely Planet)

March 2017 (Kent Whitworth, Executive Director, Kentucky Historical Society)

April 2017 (Phillip Fryman, creator and blogger, Southern Fatty)

May 2017 (Jason Swanson, Assistant Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Retail and Tourism Management, University of Kentucky)

June 2017 (Cathy Decker, President, Decker/Royal.)

July 2017 (Regina Stivers, Deputy Secretary, Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet)

August 2017 (Todd Davidson, CEO, Travel Oregon)

September 2017 (Senator Damon Thayer)

October 2017 (Jason Clampet, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Skift)

November 2017 (Vicki Fitch, Executive Director, Bowling Green Area CVB)

December 2017 (Katie Denis, Chief of Research and Strategy, Project: Time Off)

2016 Journals

July 2016 (Kristen Branscum, Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Tourism)

August 2016 (Amy Goodwin, West Virginia Division of Tourism)

September 2016 (David Nicholson, Lofthouse Enterprises)

October 2016 (Emily Murray, Communications Specialist, Georgia Tourism)

November 2016 (Mary Quinn Ramer, President, VisitLEX)

December 2016 (Peter J. Pantuso, President & CEO, American Bus Association)