Commonwealth Circle

KTIA has created an opportunity for companies and organizations to contribute to a stronger, more effective and increasingly influential Kentucky travel industry while also receiving important benefits for themselves. 

Today’s Kentucky Travel Industry

The Kentucky travel industry is of immense importance and value to our state. The industry’s over $15 billion contribution to Kentucky’s economy, the 195,503 jobs it supports and the $1.57 billion in local and state tax revenue it generates all speak loudly to the industry’s importance.

Unfortunately, the message of the Kentucky travel industry’s value to the commonwealth has not reached the level of awareness among policy makers and the public that it should. In the absence of that awareness, the industry’s influence is not commensurate with the benefits it delivers to the state.  Additionally, in these rapidly changing times, Kentucky’s travel industry needs cutting-edge education and timely and insightful information.  It also needs an ever-expanding set of business development opportunities.

This assessment points to the importance of a strong and highly effective association to deliver on the needs and opportunities confronting the industry. KTIA has a 35-year history of dedicated service to its members and the Kentucky travel industry. However, there is more that the association can and should do.

The Vision for Tomorrow

KTIA will undergo a transformative change that will enable Kentucky’s travel industry to expand its influence, capabilities and competitiveness; and provide Industry businesses with opportunities for improved performance, productivity and profitability.    

KTIA ‘s pursuit of this vision will include:

  • Management energy and expertise
  • Enhanced operational quality and creativity
  • Expansion of member services and resources
  • Active and effective leadership on issues, alliance building and industry representation    
  • Increasing the association’s membership

Pursuing the Vision

Articulating a vision is only a first and relatively easy step in achieving it.  Understanding the broad, strategic steps that must be taken, having the courage to take them, and enthusiastic day in and day out persistence are essential to the transformation.

There is one more factor that must be confronted. The vision and its required steps carry with them a cost – certainly a cost in time, effort and commitment, but also a financial cost.

Commonwealth Circle

All businesses in the Kentucky travel industry will derive benefits from a greatly improved association and the resulting strengthened industry.  However, there are a number of businesses that have sufficient resources to make an added investment in pursuit of those benefits for the industry and for themselves.  KTIA has created the means for them to do so.  That means is the Commonwealth Circle.

Commonwealth Circle Benefits

The benefits available to Commonwealth Circle members will include those available at the highest level of KTIA sponsor benefits, as well as others, some of which are year round and some of which are unique to Commonwealth Circle members. The complete list of Commonwealth Circle member benefits is as follows:    

Kentucky Travel Industry Annual Conference (KTIAC)

  • Five complimentary full Annual Conference registrations
  • Five complimentary extra tickets for the Traverse Gala
  • Reference in Traverse Gala video or from podium
  • Reserved table at the Traverse Gala
  • Reference on conference printed materials and event signs
  • Commonwealth Circle ribbon on conference name badges
  • List of conference delegates on mailing labels or Excel database

Spring Travel Forum  (STF)

  • Two complimentary delegate registrations
  • Reference on conference printed materials and event signs
  • Commonwealth Circle ribbon on conference name badges
  • List of conference delegates on mailing labels or Excel database

Annual Legislative Event

  • Two complimentary delegate registrations


  • Includes membership dues
  • For exhibitors, includes exhibitor fees at KTIAC and STF
  • Year round visibility on website homepage
  • Year round visibility on newsletters
  • Non-voting ex officio membership on KTIA Board of Directors

Commonwealth Circle Annual Fee


Current Commonwealth Circle Members

The following companies and organizations have enlisted as KTIA Commonwealth Circle members:

  • Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Brown Forman
  • Elizabethtown Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Georgetown/Scott County Tourism
  • Jim Beam
  • Kentucky Department of Tourism
  • Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Miles Partnership
  • Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Paducah-McCracken County Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Pike County Tourism CVB
  • VisitLEX

Beyond the Vision

Kentucky tourism is a sleeping giant, one that when fully awakened can become a major global travel destination. No other place in the world can compete with our iconic horse and bourbon experiences.  Combine with that Kentucky’s striking beauty, outdoor adventures, exciting and distinctive urban venues, and a multitude of authentic rural and small town experiences.  Add our homegrown Bluegrass music, an exploding restaurant scene and top it off with the genuine friendliness of our people. 

Transforming KTIA in ways that expand the influence, capabilities and competitiveness of Kentucky’s travel industry will position the industry to awaken the giant – to elevate Kentucky tourism to a global destination status. The investments made by Commonwealth Circle members are critical to beginning the transformation and to all that lies beyond the vision.

For more information about the Commonwealth Circle contact Hank Phillips or by phone at  502.224.8687.