KTIA Legislative Alert (March 22, 2018)

Major Kentucky Tourism Program Proposed for 2-Year Funding Suspension 

The Kentucky Tourism Development Act provides incentives for attraction, hotel and other development. The proposed House and Senate budgets suspend funding for new program projects for the next two years. To understand the program's scope and its proven ROI success, click here for a list of projects that have benefited from the program. This list will also be helpful for you to identify any projects in your community that have benefited from the program.

Here is What We Are Asking ALL KTIA Members to Do Immediately

Contact legislative leaders listed below with the following message:

Tourism Development Act incentives have years of results. Unlike many other incentives, revenue must be generated in order to receive the benefits. These incentives are a win-win for KY's attractions, hotels, convention centers, distilleries, and taxpayers. Please restore the TDA incentives in the budget. There is not a negative impact to the state budget to do so. 

(Cite any specific examples in your community from the project list.)

Legislators to be Contacted

Click on the name to access email or call 502.564.8100 and ask for the legislator's office and leave the message.


Robert Stivers (R)
Senate President
Senate District 25: Clay, Knox, Lee, Owsley,Whitley, Wolfe

Jimmy Higdon (R)
Senate President Pro Tempore
Senate District 14: Casey, Jefferson (Part), Marion, Nelson, Spencer

Damon Thayer (R)
Majority Floor Leader
Senate District 17: Grant, Kenton (Part), Scott

Dan Seum (R)
Majority Caucus Chair
Senate District 38: Bullitt, Jefferson (Part)

Mike Wilson (R)
Majority Whip
Senate District 32: Warren

Ray S. Jones II (D)
Minority Floor Leader
Senate District 31: Elliott, Lawrence, Martin, Morgan, Pike

Dorsey Ridley (D)
Minority Caucus Chair
Senate District 4: Caldwell, Crittenden, Henderson, Livingston, Union, Webster

Dennis Parrett (D)
Minority Whip
Senate District 10: Hardin, Jefferson (Part)


David Osborne (R)
House Speaker Pro Tempore
House District 59: Oldham (Part)

Jonathan Shell (R)
Majority Floor Leader
House District 71: Garrard, Madison (Part), Rockcastle

David Meade (R)        
Majority Caucus Chair
House District 80: Lincoln, Pulaski (Part)

Kevin D. Bratcher (R)
Majority Whip
House District 29: Jefferson (Part)

Rocky Adkins (D)
Minority Floor Leader
House District 99: Elliott, Lewis, Rowan

Dennis Keene (D)
Minority Caucus Chair
House District 67: Campbell (Part)

Wilson Stone (D)
Minority Whip
House District 22: Allen, Simpson, Warren (Part)


Christian McDaniel (R)
Appropriations & Revenue Committee Co-Chair (Senate)
Senate District 23: Kenton (Part)

Steven Rudy (R)
Appropriations & Revenue Committee Co-Chair (House)
House District 1: Ballard, Carlisle, Fulton, Hickman, McCracken (Part)


Senator David Givens (R)
Senate District 9: Allen, Barren, Green, Metcalfe, Monroe, Simpson
Representative James Tipton (R)
House District 53: Anderson, Bullitt (Part), Spencer
Representative John Carney (R)
House District 51Adair, Taylor
Representative Sal Santoro (R)
House District 60: Boone (Part)